Congrats to the team of Jason Davis, Andrew Algire, Sean Queen, Nate Bartok, Jim Robbins, Donnie Rogers for shooting an outstanding -18 in tough wind conditions and tough pin positions. Thanks to everyone who played. See you next year.

The 2022 CAL SCRAM will be a SHOTGUN START AT 10:00 AM on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25. Look for the signup sheet to come out in late August.

This is a CASH event so bring cash. Green fees are $50.00, entry fee for the pot is $50.00 and the skin game is $10.00. You must prepay your $110 at the Pro Shop in advance of the tournament. If you absolutely have to use a credit card, there is a $5.00 Visa/MC processing fee (basically an ATM fee that we have to pay them) that will be added to your $110 making your charge $115.00. Avoid this by bringing cash.


As usual, we will have a side winner-take-all betting pot. If you want to bet on any team/teams, bring in a single envelope with your name on it as well as the teams you are betting on at $10.00/bet with the money enclosed. MAKE SURE WE CAN READ YOUR WRITING AND YOU PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR ENVELOPE! If we cannot read your writing or understand your bets, your envelope with not be counted.

You can bet from $10 up to $100 PER TEAM but $100 on an individual team is the maximum for that team. You can bet $10 to $100 on as many teams as you like. All bets must be in $10 increments. We are not taking bets at a 'betting table' the day of the event and only envelope bets. Only players participating in the tournament can bet on teams. No bets will be accepted from non-players.

If there is a tie for first place, we will go to a sudden-death playoff starting on hole #1. All other ties split the money.

1st Place...$2400       2nd Place...$1800        3rd Place...1200        4th Place...$600

2021 Teams and Starting Holes in downloadable pdf file here: Teams'21.pdf