The Annual 6-person 'Cal-Scramble' is Sunday, September 27 with a 10:00 AM shotgun start. Teams are below. Cash payout is: $2400 for 1st, $1800 for 2nd, $1200.00 for 3rd, $600 for 4th. Playoff for first place only. All others split ties.

Due to the coronavirus guidelines, we are limiting the number of people in the clubhouse at one time and all players must pay their entry fee in advance. The cost is $110.00 which includes green fees, pot money and skin game money. You can prepay with a credit card over the phone (if calling in to enter) or in cash at the golf course.

If you want to bet on a team, each bet is $10.00 and you can bet a maximum of 3 bets on any team excluding yours. You can bet up to 10 bets ($100.00 total) on your own team. Bring in an envelope the day of the event with your name on it, your team picks (by the name of the A player) and how much you want to bet on each team ($10 increments) and drop off in the Pro Shop. There will NOT be a betting table set up as in the past so you must bring bets in in an envelope. 

How to bet: write on an envelope your name and then the name of the A player of each team you want to bet on and how much is being bet on each team. $10 per bet. Winning bets are paid on 1st place only.

Example: Write (your name) as the bettor on your envelope. Then write the name of the teams you are betting on such as:   Mark Mickley $10,  Ben Severns $30,  Anthony Savage $10, Scott Savage $20. Total of $70.00.

Due to a last minute injury and another issue, we have had to make two team changes: Scott Sant is now Scott Savage's 2 man and Rob Blubaugh is Jay Ruffner's 4 man.

 Click here to see this year's teams: Teams and Starting Holes.pdf